How to Play Roulette online?

How to Play Roulette online?

How to Play Roulette online?

It’s a small wheel where players bet on a single number or a range of numbers and after that croupier spins a wheel in one direction to determine the number. After this he spins a ball in the opposite direction over a tilted circular track that is running around the wheel and then the ball falls into one of the numbered pockets.

Betting options

This game includes a great variety of betting options. Place some inside bets and select the number of the pocket where the ball will land in. If you wish to play outside bets then go for higher positional grouping of pockets. These types of bets are based on its probability. The table of the game includes minimum and maximum bets rules are applied separately for all the bets.

You can continue placing bets as the ball spins over the wheel till the last announcement by the dealer. Then, wheel will determine the number and dealer will place s marker that is also known as a dolly on the table layout. As the dolly is placed on the table, gamers cannot place any bets. Dealer will sweep away all the losing bets and determine all the payouts to the remaining bets.

After making payouts by the dealer, the marker is removed from the board and you can make new bets. Just be careful before putting it all to black, go for this thrilling and exciting game after reading a detailed guide.

Numbers on Wheel

Get introduced with the sequence of wheel numbers. It includes the numbers from 1 to 36 and it ranges from 1 to 10 and 19 to 28. You will be able to see odd numbers in red and even in black.  The numbers ranging from 11 to 18 and 29 to 36 shows odd numbers in black and even numbers in red. You will be introduced with green pocket that is numbered zero.


Inside bets includes various bet styles such as Straight, Split, street, Corner, Six line, trio, Basket and Top line. You can choose to play any one of them. Outside bets includes smaller payouts along with better odds and gets you different bet like Manque, Passe, Rouge, Pair, Dozen bets, Column bets and Snake bets.


After so many years, this game has no clue of shrinking popularity in fact it is increasing day by day. Online gaming gets you various chat options, go for it and try to learn something new and tricky from experienced players. Read reviews and comments of players to know all about game and then choose what to play and what not to.  Different versions have different rules involved so understand well.  Always remember to play for free first before you bet for cash. It’s better to understand all the instructions and rules of the game in the starting and once you get familiar with it, go on for cash betting. Play using your own strategies and techniques and have great fun. Improve your odds and the whole game is yours. Just don’t stick to the game go for its different options that are available over the net such as European and American Table. These can get you bigger edge to the house. You have a great choice among all the variants without any restrictions.

So, what are you waiting for? Search the best website you would like to play in, download the software and just roll on with this thrilling and exciting game.

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